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College Admissions : My experience To whom that cares!!. At this moment when I am sitting down here writing this, I suddenly think of this time last year when I was fresh out of high school, hearing about Berea for the first time. I sent my application to Berea with lots of confidence and hope, and I knew I was not accepted. College to me, as much as to many others, is so important. At the time I heard the news of my being denied, I was disappointed, but soon I realized that my failure was just among the many challenges that anybody has to face during their lifetime.
Hills Like White Elephants The Latin saying, mutatis mutandi, translates into "everything affects everything else," and this especially applies to the characterization used in Ernest Hemingway’s "Hills Like White Elephants." Through close examination, it is evident that the character of Jig is revealed not only through her own actions, but also through the contrasting descriptions of her surrounding environment and her subtle mannerisms. By strategically scattering these faint clues to Jig’s persona though out the story, Hemingway forces the reader to overcome common stereotypes and examine ambiguous dialogue before being able to discover the round, dynamic character that is Jig.
Markering Introduction Steve Case founded America Online (AOL) in preInternet days when the networking of various computer systems was rather informal and difficult for all but the highly computerliterate to accomplish. His goal was to make accessing these networks easy enough for anyone to manage. Though AOL has changed dramatically since those days, ease of use has remained a primary consideration in all changes visible to the user. Much maligned by the more "serious" services (and their subscribers) in the past, AOL has risen to be the industry leader despite challenges and the image of being the J.R.
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The Caribbean According to Three Writings Introduction The Caribbean is made up of many islands that were inhabited by many peoples speaking different languages and believing in different things. With the beginning of colonization, many more peoples speaking different languages and believing in different things claimed ownership over certain islands (in many cases nowhere near each other geographically). Under new "ownerships", the islands became involved in slavetrading. Each different colonizer of the islands chose to take slaves from different areas of western Africa, depending on where their "mother country’s" other colonies were located in Africa.
Religious Beliefs Observed in Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The significance of religious beliefs in the tales of Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, portrayed diverse roles in each story. Although it was clear that God was highlyfavored and worshipped in each of these tales, the abundance of praising Him was greatly differed. Both Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the green knight are written to be believers of God and his mighty works and miracles. In this passage, the significance of religious beliefs in these tales are explained by presenting how Beowulf and the characters of his time praised the Lord for all of his works, even those that pertained to evil doings, Sir Gawain praised the Lord for blessings and strength instead of his unfortunate times, and how each character was destined to become more like Christ, living their lives being heroes and Godlike.
Elizabeth BarrettBrowning and W.B. Yeats Elizabeth BarrettBrowning and W.B. Yeats, examined together in the same sitting are as different as the Victorian and PostModernist eras they emerged from, yet they were both independent thinkers of their time. Browning, born in 1806 before Victorianism came into full play, was celebrated as a woman poet but also quite conformist to the Victorian movement in some regards. Browning did make use of her family's money to "give herself an exceptional education" (1858) and she thought outside of traditional lines in regards to gender roles for women as in her poem "Aurora Leigh". In this poem, the narrator is a woman which is unusual for that era "Place your fecund heart in mine, and let us blossom for the world" (1877). It was unusual in the Victorian era to consider that women added anything substantial to a marriage relationship. Browning was definitely independent in her thinking and in her personal life defying her father by eloping with Robert Browning late in life (1859). There are other elements of her poetry that are fairly conformist to the Victorian age. Her poem "Sonnets from the Portugese" describes a courtship that is prudent and in keeping with Victorian age. This form of a sonnet was taken from Shakespeare's style, yet another element of Browning stepping into territory formerly only occupied by men (1859). W.B.
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The 1920s and 1930s represent two decades in our country's history that were very much connected to one another but extremely different in terms of economy. The Great Gatsby takes place during the roaring 20s, a time of extravagant parties and attempts at finding happiness after World War I. On the other hand, The Grapes of Wrath takes place during the 30s while America is suffering from the Great Depression and people are leaving their homes and lives to find success and work in California. Although the times were very different economically, both were dominated by people striving for the American Dream of wealth and social status in an attempt of obtaining happiness, success, and a better life.
Life’s Habitual Journey, Down a Treacherous Path “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, is the tale of an elderly black woman who shows an enormous amount of sheer determination when it comes to helping her unceasingly ill grandson. Phoenix Jackson is the main character in Welty’s “A Worn Path.” Throughout the story, Miss Phoenix Jackson travels the same path day in and day out overcoming whatever odds are presented as she gallantly strives along the path in the contribution of her grandson’s health, for he is whom Phoenix habitually travels this “worn path.” Furthermore, the story must be noted for its simplicity, and vast metaphoric symbolism.
Our world has finally begun its longpredicted descent into the depths of chaos. We may not yet realize it, but more and more problems plague the very state of our humanity with each passing day, such as cancer, famine, genetic disorders, and social elitism. It seems as though there is little hope, although a new solution has finally emerged, in the form of genetic engineering. It is apparent, however, that currently we cannot proceed, because while there are an abundant amount of advantages to genetic engineering, it is not a utopian process; criticism includes its practicality, theological implications, and changes in modern social structure.

Cyberhate Hate Propaganda and Internet Censorship The Internet is an ideal medium for hate groups, such as neoNazis, because of the mass exposure, inexpensiveness, uncensored nature and ease of publishing offered. The Internet allows hate groups to target a broad audience: impressionable children are the most vulnerable. Attempts at censorship fail because of the international nature of the Internet, and to a lesser extent, free speech contentions. Instead, the freedom of speech exercised by cyberhate groups can be applied by online antihate advocates to counter cyberhate.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Sometimes in life people are forced to conform to a certain situation for lack of a better alternative, and this is the case in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. These such people lack the will to stand up for their scruples, and intern are simply guided through their mundane lives by the powers that be. Until someone comes along offering them leadership and the prospect to become “big again.” The man who does so is no other than R.P. McMurphy. Scanlon, Harding, Bibbit, and Chief Bromden may have become adjusted to the oppressive system in which they lived, but certainly were much better adjusted to the real world and life in general after their experience with McMurphy.
PROHIBITION In all probability, no one thing gave more character to the era known as the ‘Roaring 20s’, than what was called ‘the long dry spell’ (a.k.a. Prohibition). Prohibition was the result, of the longstanding efforts, by largely Protestant religious groups, who had preached temperance since the early colonial period. What had been known as the temperance movement came to be a drive for all out prohibition right about the turn of the century. From about 19001904 there was a dramatic turn of events in which the AntiSaloon League changed its goals from social reform to legislate reform, and came to have a fair amount of influence in this country’s politics.
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