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“Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” Abraham Lincoln made this statement in referring to the emancipation of the slaves. Even though the statement has nothing to deal with the Fourth Amendment, or the Search and Seizure laws within the Constitution, what is stated still brings about a good point relating to the Constitution. The fact being brought out of this quote is that the Constitution’s purpose is to safeguard Americans’ liberties.
Do you like guns or would like to own a gun. Would like to have a gun for self protection if the time comes. If so the gun control laws could cause you not to be able to. For that reason gun control laws are way too strict. Some of the elderly that live alone look to guns as self defense. That is way is why I believe there shouldn’t be so much gun control. Approximately 2.5 million times a year guns are used in self defense. There is about 62,200 victims of violent crimes one percent of them use guns as self defense and another 20,000 are use guns to protect property.
Search for Identity in It’s Hard Enough Being Me In the essay "It’s Hard Enough Being Me," Anna Lisa Raya relates her experiences as a multicultural American at Columbia University in New York and the confusion she felt about her identity. She grew up in L.A. and mostly identified with her Mexican background, but occasionally with her Puerto Rican background as well. Upon arriving to New York however, she discovered that to everyone else, she was considered "Latina." She points out that a typical "Latina" must salsa dance, know Mexican history, and most importantly, speak Spanish.
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Nevertheless, regardless of the training cooks receive in school or on the job, and in spite of the efforts of supervisors and managers to ensure safe food production in their kitchens, one frequently can find improper handling of food in commercial kitchens. (0) Nevertheless, regardless of the training cooks receive in school or on the job, and in spite of the efforts of supervisors and managers to ensure safe food production in their kitchens, one frequently can find improper handling of food in commercial kitchens.
Dub Revolution The Story of Jamaican Dub Reggae and Its Legacy I. DUB REVOLUTION This is dub revolution . . . music to rock the nation. Lee Г¬ScratchГ® Perry In the modern age of electronic music, the word Г¬dubГ® has become a buzzword for virtually any style of music that utilizes the remixing of prerecorded sound as a mode of artistic expression. The idea of taking apart the various instruments and components that make up a recording and remixing them into something that sounds completely different is a common practice today, being used in various styles of music such as jungle, house, hiphop, and even metal.
The Difference in Physical Features of Flambourough Head and Birdlington We got a ranging pole and stuck pole ’A’ where the sea ended and stuck pole ’B’ one meter away (well till the string between pole ’A’ and pole ’B’ was tight which is a meter). We then got a spirit level and moved the string up and down the poles till the spirit level was level. We then measured the height from the sand to the end of the string on pole ‘A’ and recorded the measurement and the same for pole ‘B’.
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Software Piracy and it's Effects Identification and Description of the Issue Copyright law are perhaps those laws which are breached the most by individual on a daily bases. This is because one might not know be informed about these law or because not much is done to enforce these law. Also some countries of the world have no Copyright laws. Software Piracy is a breach of a copyright law as one copies data contained on the medium on to another medium without the consent of the owner of the Software.
Abstract Cultural challenges are a big part of life. When one decides to create an idea that is not centered in their normal environment, they will have some challenges that they will have to face. This could hinder some people from moving forward with their ideas or dreams. Cultural challenges happens in any environment that is not your own. This only mean that one must make sure that they are familiar with their surroundings and be strong enough to face any adversities that may arise upon them.
Describe and explain the changes that occur in a river channel as it moves from source to mouth. All rivers have an upper, middle and lower course. The long profile of a river is basically the changes in gradient at these different stages in the river, every river is trying to achieve a smooth, concave, long profile. The river begging in the upper course, normally in the hills and mountains. Here the river is smaller, the flow is fast and load and water volume are slow. The river erodes a vshaped valley.

Justice is in fact the most important system of our government. To some people justice is the punishment someone receives after being convicted of a crime; other people could think it means the difference between knowing right from wrong. In my opinion, along with , justice is best defined as the fair and equal treatment of people. This is not just used in the court of law however; my definition should be used in every aspect of human life, from work to school and beyond. But, for that to happen, I believe "fair and equal treatment" needs to be defined, and that means to treat people of any skin color, gender, age, sexual preference, or any other personal trait the same way.
Suicide is not the answer. Although, many people might think that a statement as simple as “suicide is the answer” is the core or the main point of the poem “Anorexic” by Eavan Boland. But, those that might think the suicide is the central point of the poem are extremely wrong, there is more about that poem than must people can understand, recognize, or want to accept. Boland wrote this poem in 1980 and until today still being one the most extraordinary poem in its simplicity but also very deep in its complicity.
PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL analysis is an important and widelyused tool for understanding the big picture of a firm’s external environment. PESTEL is an acronym for the political, economic, sociocultural, environmental, and legal environment in which a firm operates. The benefits of the PESTEL analysis are that it helps identify potential environmental influence, helps better understand existing opportunities and threats, and helps understand market growth and decline. Political The political environment has an influence on business.
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Review of "Losing my Virginity" by Richard Branson Book title: Losing My Virginity Author: Richard Branson Place of publication: Rainville Road, London, England Publisher: Virgin Books; Rev Ed edition Year of publication: June 27th 2002. Number of pages: 672 ISBN10: 0753506483 ISBN13: 9780753506486 Synopsis: Richard Branson takes the reader on the adventure; which is his life. The author openly discusses his family, friends, sexual escapades, life threatening attempts to fly around the world in a hot air balloon; he also covers his many business endeavors ranging from Virgin Records to Virgin Galactic.
Offences Against the Person Act 1861 There has been much discussion on the Offences against the person act (OAPA) 1861. Many see the act as outdated and clumsy, its wording unclear and as being difficult to explain and prosecute under. The OAPA is used in 100,000 prosecutions every year. The Law Commission has attacked the OAPA for creating constant legal argument and delay because of unclear wording and wasting thousands of pounds in taxpayer's money in appeals. Both the Law Commission and the Government have looked at possible reforms for the act in order to improve its position in English Law.
The Creator Who Started the Trend of Vampire Bram Stoker was the author of the worldwide famous novel, Dracula (1897). He was born on November 8, 1847 in Dublin, Ireland. His full name was Abraham, but was called Bram for short. Unlike today’s families, he grew up living with seven siblings. When he was young, he was an enfeebled child bedridden for his first 8 years. His father, Abraham Stoker (17991876), was a civil servant – someone who works for the government – and his mother was Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley (18181901).
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1.) Quadrapedalism Using all four limbs to support the body during locomotion. The majority of quadropedal primates are arboreal, such as the bearded saki, there are some terrestrial quadropedal primates though, such as the savanna babboon. Typically, the limbs of terrestrial quadrupeds are of equal length. In arboreal quadrupeds forelimbs are shorter and may be 7080% as long as the hind limbs. Brachiation Arm swinging. An example of a primate that uses brachiation exclusively is siamangs of Southeast Asia.
“Alone shall fight for me, struggle for life against the monster, God must decide who will be given to death’s cold grip. Grendel’s plan, I think, will be what it has been before, to invade this hall and gorge his belly with our bodies.” (Lines 268273) This quote was said by Beowulf a little while before he fought Grendal. This quote shows that Beowulf is ready to risk his life to save his people from a monster that has killed many people. He does this throughout this epic; fighting battles with different monsters that put his people’s lives in danger.
My decision to enroll in college My decision to enroll in college has been one that I have been pondering for the last three decades. During my last year of high school, I met a friend who was surprised that was not planning on enrolling at the local community college. As I've matured and joined the United States Marine Corps, I had an opportunity to start my college journey. Surprisingly, that was in 1978. From 1978 to 2009 my journey took me to my midpoint and I received my Associates Degree.
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The United States and Israel have always shared a passion for democracy. Both countries had similar foundations, established by a majority of immigrants claiming to create a better society, towards religious tolerance and democratic ideas. In 1948, both the United States and the Soviet Union immediately recognized the State of Israel. During a era where these two nations often fought against on another to claim a majority in support and power for either ideologies, the United States, firmly recognized but limited their support for Israel due to it’s alliances with Arab countries in the region and the growing demand for oil in the region.
To Kill A Mockingbird: Childhood Experience Have you ever thought of an answer to reply to your children, when they ask you, “What was the world like when you were a child?”, “What things that happened that impressed you most when you were a child?” or “How interesting is your childhood experience?”. Everybody must have had their childhood. Some of the experiences may cause them to smile, or even laugh, while some of them may bring back bitter memories. It is always hard to express the childhood incidents or experience in a clear and interesting way, since they were past memories that happened long time ago.
The Truth of Love Revealed in Adam’s Curse “Adam’s Curse” is a poem by William Butler Yeats that was written at a time when his first true love, Maud Gonne, had married Major John MacBride. This may have caused Yeats much pain and Yeats may have felt as cursed as Adam felt when God had punished man from the Garden of Eden. This poem, in fact, symbolizes his pain and loss of love that he once had and is a recollection of his memories during happier times with Maud. In the beginning of the poem “We sat together at one summer’s end/ That Beautiful mild woman your close friend/ And you and I, and talked of poetry”, Yeats recalls a beautiful time with Maud. Poetry could be related to the language of love, and Yeats recalls falling in love with Maud. He is reflecting on time that he has spent courting Maud, however due to the curse that Adam received from God, falling in love is not as simple as it was before. The “stitching and unstitching” tells of how hard it is to form a bond and put together love. This love is then taken apart and worthless for Yeats, because he does not acquire Maud. This development of love was not easy for Yeats and neither is the loose of love. He is writing a poem here to express the difficulty he is having losing his first love, Maud. He expresses this in a poem and compares poetry to falling in love. This is a curse from God to all men.

What was intriguing to me about this story was how detailed it was. The author paints a clear picture of what the setting is and the character. The first paragraph of the story is a great example of the author describing the character and the setting. “It was Decembera bright frozen day in the early morning. Far out there was an old Negro woman with her head tied in a red rag, coming along a path through the pinewoods. She was very old and small and she walked slowly in the dark pine shadows, moving a little from side to side in her steps, with the balanced heaviness and lightness of a pendulum in a grandfather clock.
The Frogs The frogs were singing again. I had heard them all night through the thin membrane of my tent. Their songs had died down with the rising sun, but now they picked up again with a fervor that sounded not unlike desperation to my teenage ears. I rested in the tent only a few moments before clearing the sleep from my eyes and springing out of my sleeping bag to greet the mourning. Dew droplets still covered everything, and the mourning seemed as magical as any other morning does to a young person of sixteen, camping in the woods.
Hando "Is it on?" "Yes, " "Hando, you can just call me that." "Of course, Hando. Well, just start whenever you’re ready." "I hate being recorded, but we might as well get it over with. I am getting a check for this, right?" "Yes sir. Your story will be a great contribution to the civilization of Zyemlya and a wonderful edition to our magazine. It really is quite remarkable after all." "Yeah, well, whatever. As long as I get my check. Social Security just doesn’t cut it these days.
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